Getting Started With DSL

Written by: Yoshi

Hello! We are somewhat glad you have installed Damn Small Linux! We have only recommended it for the low-end machines because it is the most portable distro of Linux available. Here are some things to get you started within DSL from your friends at Marathon Software Solutions.

First...try your hand at open source software

Damn Small Linux uses its own packages. If you are connected to the internet, then open the MyDSL folder and use the MyDSL Browser to download software to your computer. If you don't have a strong internet connection or don't have one at all, then from the computer you used to make the DSL livecd, visit the MyDSL Repository, find the apps you want and burn another disc.


It's time to get used to the whole interface of DFM. It works just like Windows! (z0/\/\6) The only difference is that you can't copy using drag-n-drop, you have to ctrl-click in order to copy. Seems easy...doesn't it?

Finally...Get Connected!

Love your internet? How about that AIM account that you think that you lost? No need to fear. Firefox and nAIM are here! You might have used Firefox on your lousy Windows install, but combine internet security with a virtual virus free system and you get an uber system! w007! nAIM is a version of AIM that is used within your terminal. (command-line) To get connected, open nAIM and use the command connect and there you have it. Want to upload the next internet file? Use Axy-FTP and you are golden!

Living With Linux
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