Fabricati Diem, Punc!

Welcome to Kos and Yoshi Homebrews Page(s). Kos and I work hard in our free time to make these useful programs for you, the developers of Linux. Especially NILE, "New, Improved Lua Editor for Linux".

NILE Releases

NILE v 0.1b/a (beta "alpha")

What about NILE

It is an improved, yet low-end version of Mauro Viarizzo's FLTK Editor written into FLTK Lua by Rodger Shingledecker. It consists of your buffer, a save button, a open button and an exit button.

View Snapshots of NILE.lua

Yoshi needs your help!

We are looking for people who know FLTK Lua and help improve NILE! We shall keep it in "beta/(add greek letter here)" status until the NILE has reached the end of its beta time.

We also need to build more homebrews.

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